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Aruba is best known for its tourism credentials, however, Aruba gasoline prices gained international attention when CNNMoney erroneasly stated that Aruba had over $10 a gallon gasoline prices at the height of oil prices back in 2008.

The purpose of this website is to prevent similar errors from happening again and to have a place where the figures can be studied.

Gas Prices

Officials at the Department of Economic Affairs (DoEA) meet twice a month with all the stakeholders (except consumers) to talk about the prices.

DoEA: "As a base for the calculations, the quoted prices of the US Gulf Coast are employed as published in the Platt's Oil gram." DoEA stipulates the current retail fuel prices for the consumers by publishing it every second Wednesday of the month in local newspapers.

The DoEA calculates the retail prices each month to the adjusted international quoted prices by using a specific structure to determine the prices.

This "specific structure" is closely guarded from consumers, as we do not know the exact details on how the prices come to be.

Details like profit margins are also off limits and are dubbed "sensitive information". Taxes play also a very big part of the price structure.

This is what we know: Valero Aruba Refinery imports fuel and calculates the price first hand. The calculation includes the cost of import, distribution and profit margins. Following, the gasoline stations add their profit margins, where at the end the government adds its taxes.

Gas stations

There are only two gasoline distribution companies on Aruba: Valero and Texaco. All gasoline stations in Aruba sell exclusively unleaded gasoline and gas-oil (diesel) and are supplied by Valero Aruba Refinery (Valero closed partially), including Texaco gas stations.

Tank stations are only allowed to change prices once a month. All gasoline stations, regardless the company, have the same gasoline price.

Gasoline prices are NOT posted on boards like in the US and Europe. In Aruba all gasoline prices are in Aruba florins per liters.

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Price Updates
The Trend
Highs since 2006 (US$/Gallons)
Lows since 2006 (US$/Gallons)
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Price per US gallon in US dollars since 2006
September 2012$5.29
August 2012$4.95
July 2012$4.84
June 2012$5.09
May 2012$5.46
April 2012$5.46
March 2012$5.24
February 2012$4.97
January 2012$4.75
December 2011$4.74
November 2011$4.82
October 2011$4.91
September 2011$5.08
August 2011$5.26
July 2011$5.08
June 2011$5.30
May 2011$5.45
April 2011$5.10
March 2011$4.69
February 2011$4.57
January 2011$4.48
December 2010$4.27
November 2010$4.22
October 2010$4.10
September 2010$4.12
August 2010$4.16
July 2010$4.16
June 2010$4.20
May 2010$4.41
April 2010$4.31
March 2010$4.10
February 2010$4.15
January 2010$4.02
January 2010*$4.06
December 2009$4.18
November 2009$4.14
October 2009$3.96
September 2009$4.19
August 2009$4.00
July 2009$4.17
June 2009$3.95
May 2009$3.60
April 2009$3.50
March 2009$3.39
February 2009$3.33
January 2009$3.06
December 2008$3.39
November 2008$4.02
October 2008$5.55
September 2008$5.35
August 2008$5.62
July 2008$5.75
June 2008$5.55
May 2008$5.20
April 2008$4.92
March 2008$4.72
February 2008$4.62
January 2008$4.57
December 2007$4.68
November 2007$4.40
October 2007$4.38
September 2007$4.28
August 2007$4.44
July 2007$4.48
June 2007$4.65
May 2007$4.47
April 2007N/A
March 2007N/A
February 2007$3.84
January 2007$4.05
December 2006$3.77
November 2006N/A
October 2006N/A
September 2006$3.94
* Sales tax was lowered